Package Options and Design-Build Process

The Process - HomePath

Over 50 years in this business has taught us a thing or two about manufacturing log homes. Call it experience, or aptitude, or maybe just good 'ol smarts. Whatever you call it, the smartest thing we've learned is this: Helping you successfully walk the path to your new log home depends on more than nice floor plans and a collection of features like wood species, log sizes, or drying methods. It depends on great experience, a thorough understanding of what's important, and a deliberate, comprehensive approach to the entire process.

Design - Step 1 on the HomePath

Real Log Homes has a full service design department in-house ready to serve its clients in any capacity. Led by Jim Driesch, who started with us in 1975, our design staff has many years of experience designing the most ideal log home floor plans. Our team can work with your Independent Representative or your personal architect to develop a log home floor plan that will meet your wants and needs.

Materials - Step 2 on the HomePath

Real Log Homes® isn't just a brand name. Our log homes incorporate only the highest quality materials and third-party components to complement our superior design and manufacturing, giving you a home of unparalleled structural integrity and comfort. From premium graded logs to Andersen® windows and Therma-Tru® doors, our commitment to using high-quality materials helps our homes maintain their natural beauty and ensures, with proper maintenance, your home will provide lasting comfort for generations.

Manufacturing - Step 3 on the HomePath

We have set the highest standard in the industry for extensive precision pre-cutting. We are one of the very few log home companies to use a state-of-the art computer controlled, precision cutting machine called the Hundegger, which means less waste and much tighter fitting logs. This, combined with our InterLock™ Joinery System, creates one of the most weather-tight log packages available; and our naturally dried, treated logs withstand the test of time. Our attention to detail during the manufacturing process is what makes a Real Log Homes brand log home more economical to build, more comfortable to live in, and more satisfying to own.

Construction - Step 4 on the HomePath

Real Log Homes® Construction - Fast and Efficient - Get Under Cover Faster - The more than 30,000 homes we've manufactured since 1963 stand as our testimony to stability, popularity, and product performance. Our systems have been defined and redefined to help ensure that your home will be designed, manufactured and delivered with the utmost care and attention to detail. This attention to detail is what makes our packages more cost-effective to buy because they are easier to assemble for a precise and more weather-tight fit. That translates into a durable, comfortable log home for you.

Support - Step 5 on the HomePath

Customer support is another hallmark of the Real Log Homes brand. From the day you first explore the idea of building a Real™ log home until after you move in, our Independent Representatives are by your side every step of the way, offering advice, practical skills and experienced insight. In fact, our entire team is at your disposal to make your encounter with building your log home as easy and pleasant as possible. Our more than 50 years' experience goes a long way in making your experience a rewarding one.

Building Green

Every Real Log Home is designed from the beginning to be functional, energy efficient and sustainable. We're often asked if a log home can be built to meet Energy Star® requirements and the answer is, absolutely!