Real Log Style

A Log House Upon a Hill

When prospective homebuyers look for a new home, they usually have a primary purpose in mind for the dwelling.  Some are looking for a main residence, for example, while others are looking for a vacation retreat. Often, homebuyers want something that will suit them now as well as in their future retirement. This home, designed for a site in Vermont, had to serve all these purposes - to currently function as a retreat while also being suitable as a retirement home. Let’s look at what makes this Real Log Home tick.

Selecting Convenient and Attractive Appliances

One of the great benefits of owning a home, and indeed of designing and building a new home, is being able to make all the details work just right for you. One of the great limiting factors in design has always been major appliances. Since they have only a few sizes and form factors, rooms like kitchens often get designed around the appliances. However, there are options that can free up the design process.

Natural Lighting in a Ranch Log Home

While the Ranch home has waxed and waned in popularity for conventional homes throughout the years, it has always been a popular choice for log homes. Certain features of ranch homes, like their open floor plans and large eaves, are a perfect fit with log homes. Yet the long and low roofline poses a challenge for getting natural light into a log ranch home just the same as any ranch home. Here a few ways to get plenty of natural light into the log ranch while maintaining the classic style.

The Modern Bathroom

Last week, we discussed the American Institute of Architects (AIA) study from Q3 2016 about the growing trends in home design that are found in Real Log Homes. They also released a study in Q4 2015 about bathroom and kitchen design trends. (Unfortunately, the 2016 survey has not been published yet.) This survey, found here, revealed several fascinating ways in which bathrooms today are being designed, with a clear focus on luxury and accessibility.

Popular Design Elements Found in Log Homes

Every year, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) releases a series of studies about the how homes being built today are designed. By polling over 500 prominent architecture firms, these surveys provide a great insight into the features that American homebuyers are interested in. The survey from Q3 2016 was about community design, and reveals interesting preferences in home design that have great overlap with log homes. 

Wonderful Kitchens In Every Style

All too often, the popular imagination of a log home means a home of one style. This style is typically presented as being traditional to downright rustic. Of course, log homes can come in many different styles, as we have featured here on the blog. Today, we’d like to again highlight the true diversity of log home styles by focusing on our favorite kitchens in several different styles.

Spring Cleaning for the Log Garage

It's not spring yet, but this time of year, many of us start to get anxious and can't wait for the weather to turn mild. For many of us, when spring rolls around we feel the time is right to organize and clean the home. Yet for a great deal of us, the interior of the home may not be the best place for our attention to be focused. According to a study by Gladiator, a company that sells garage organization solutions, 92 percent of homeowners describe their home as very or somewhat organized. In contrast, 74 percent of us wish the garage was better organized.

Planning a Log Home: The Conclusion

Sixteen months ago, we presented you a series on the steps that went into planning a small log cabin in Vermont. Posts chronicled the initial program (read post) that defined the early planning stages and the evolution of the design (read post) from concept to final plan. We had always planned to show you images of the finished cabin, but could not take pictures before the winter set in. This fall we were able to have photographs taken of the cabin, so let’s take a look!


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